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Column:Media Report Time:2019-01-03
“In recent years, car companies have increased their smart manufacturing upgrades, forcing downstream suppliers to improve their intelligent production levels and match them.”

 Fangde Robot:

    Industrial upgrading leads to demand for intelligent equipment
    The automotive industrial robot industry has a lot to offer
    “In recent years, car companies have increased their smart manufacturing upgrades, forcing downstream suppliers to improve their intelligent production levels and match them.” On July 26, Huang Zhenmin, deputy general manager of Wuhan Fangde Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. introduced.
    Not long ago, Fangde received orders to customize a stamping integrated production line for a mold manufacturer in the development zone. The reason is that at the beginning of this year, the company received the request from the main engine factory: it will not upgrade the production line and will not receive orders in the future.
    In the field of domestic stamping automation, Jinan Fangde is a leading company in the ranking, mainly engaged in stamping and automation equipment, industrial robot design and manufacturing, customers throughout the GM, BAIC, Changan, Jianghuai, Geely and other car companies.
    In September 2017, Fangde Group invested 100 million yuan to establish Wuhan Fangde Robot Technology Co., Ltd. in Wuhan Development Zone to provide stamping and welding automation equipment for enterprises in the automotive and home appliance industries. In March of this year, Wuhan Fangde, which is located in the Junshan Science and Technology Industrial Park, was put into production, and many enterprises have come to orders.
    “The automobile industry in Wuhan Development Zone is concentrated, and 90% of our customers are concentrated in the automotive industry. Dongfeng Renault, Dongfeng Mouchong and other car companies and supporting enterprises are our customers.” Huang Zhenmin introduced that before the company came, the company team also visited After Shanghai and Chongqing, considering the various factors such as transportation and environment, the company finally decided to settle the first robot production and R&D base in Wuhan and radiate to Central China.
    "In addition to the production of industrial robots, Fangde is also involved in the field of service robots. In 2016, the company cooperated with Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics to develop an integrated bed and chair robot that can help bed-ridden elderly people with the touch of a button or voice control. Independently solve life problems such as travel and toilets, expand the scope of life, and improve self-care ability.” Huang Zhenmin told Changjiang Daily that as China enters an aging society, it is a bed and chair integrated service robot for the national “863 Program” project. Extremely broad market prospects.
    In the next three years, Wuhan Fangde plans to deepen the Wuhan Development Zone, explore the Huazhong market, and sell its self-developed robotic automation equipment to more car companies.
    (Changjiang Daily reporter Zhang Zhi correspondent Zhang Min Sun Yayun)
    Yonggan Automation:
    Intelligent robots leading enterprises set up Huazhong headquarters in Han
    R&D personnel will account for half of the total number of employees next year
    “A decade ago, we set up an office in Han, and the performance of the Wuhan office ranked first among the company's six offices. Ten years later, we upgraded the Wuhan office to the first branch in the country, investing locally. Factory, zero distance service Huazhong customers.” On July 26, Tian Qinglin, production manager of Wuhan Yonggan Automation Co., Ltd. said that the Wuhan office was upgraded to a branch office. The fundamental reason is the good performance and great potential of the Wuhan market.
    Headquartered in Shanghai, Yonggan Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a company mainly engaged in the production of power-assisted robots and industrial robots. In the domestic helper market, Shanghai Yonggan has occupied more than 90% of the market.
    In 2007, Yonggan Electromechanical established an office in Han, selling robots and industrial robots. In the Wuhan market, Yonggan mechanical and electrical products are sold to Dongfeng Honda, Shenlong, Dongfeng Renault, Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle, Dongfeng Hongtai, Dongfeng Mouchong, Dongfeng Lier Seat, Faurecia and other major automakers and component manufacturers.
    In July 2017, Yonggan Electromechanical Co., Ltd. established Wuhan Yonggan Automation Co., Ltd. in Wuhan Development Zone, responsible for central markets such as Hubei, Hunan, Henan and Jiangxi. Wuhan company has developed rapidly in the past year, and its employees have increased from more than 60 people to more than 150 people. From January to June this year, Wuhan Yonggan completed the order production capacity of 75 million yuan, exceeding the order volume of 47 million yuan last year. The intelligent robot is the main product of Wuhan Yonggan. In the past 10 years, the company has continuously introduced new products through continuous automatic research and development. "For example, the auto-installing robots customized for automakers, for example, 10 years ago, our robots were only auxiliary tools for manually installing tires. A large number of processes were still done manually. It took about 1 minute to install the tires; 10 years later, Our third-generation robots have basically automated, and tire installation time has been reduced to 10 seconds." Lu Xiaojun, manager of Wuhan Yonggan Engineering Technology Department, believes that all of the company's products are customized according to customer requirements. In the process of helping customers complete customized products, the company's own independent research and development and design capabilities are also constantly enhanced.
    "Our core competitiveness is the independent design and development capability of the company." According to Lu Xiaojun, at present, R&D personnel account for 30% of employees, and by 2019, this proportion will increase to 50%. In the next three years, Wuhan Yonggan plans to achieve an order capacity of 500 million yuan.